Posted by: Noa | June 21, 2011

The Long Way Around

I was riding my motorcycle yesterday when I realized something. Instinctively I always took the long road, the one with the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the one that takes twice as long to get to where you need to get… yesterday it “hit” me that thats how i ride, that’s how I “roll”, that’s how I live my life. I know that the “prize” is right around the corner,BUT quite frankly i rather take my time to smell the beautiful blooming flowers, to listen to the ocean to meet new people along the way and then eventually i will get to where i need to get, to where I’m “destined” to get. I don’t regret any right/”wrong” decision that have led me here, everything I’ve done in the past and everything i will do has led me to who I am and where I am in my life, someone who might be riding a sport’s bike that is powerful enough to get me to any destination within seconds, but I choose to cruise it…I choose to enjoy the ride and as the dixie chicks said it best I choose “The Long Way  Around”

To Life!

Posted by: Noa | June 21, 2011

When You Believe

Kabalists believe that there are 2 very powerful months in a year, where light is being given to us in magnum quantities. What you do and believe in in the next 12 days of this month will determine the amount of light you receive in the next 12 months! Souls come to this earth to assist us. Our consciusness and asking for assistance will give us more light. If your desire is to recieve for the self alone, then you need to transform your desire to be a sharing one. Nisan (=the hebrew month for April) is the month of all miracles. light can’t come into your life without certainty. manifest certainty BEFORE things happen.KNOW that things will be better. Why is it that we believe that things can go wrong in a heart beat and yet we dont believe that they can go right just as quickly?

What do you want from these next 12 months? Are you asking for more money? more health? a promotion? Ask for a miracle, so you can bring more light into this world, sharing it with people you love, sharing it with the world.

Pesach means to leap.  Our goal this month is to have the ability to leap over who we were into who we want to be. Desire and believe beyond any shadow of a doubt and miracles will come.

May the light be with you 😉

Posted by: Noa | June 21, 2011

Inspirational Thought

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

Posted by: Noa | June 21, 2010


is the Hebrew word for ‘dad’. I love my dad and though we don’t always see eye to eye, he is my ‘aba’ and I am thankful to have him in my life!  He is the voice of reason when the rest of the family is an emotional rack. He always helps me pick up the pieces and direct me in the right path.

I wanted to send a big shout out to all the fathers out there, and say yes, we grow up faster than you’d like us to, yes, you don’t approve of every guy we date (which makes us wanna date him that much more) and yes, showing off some skin might not be to your liking, but guess what? we’ll still do it, because hopefully you’ve raised us right to make a descision. Any decision; and if its a wrong one ,well…we’ll figure it out sooner or later and make a different one. a better one, hopefully.

I remember when my dad was teaching me how to ride the bicycle. I was so scared. first time he let go I fell into the sewage and scratched my knee or when I decided to climb the tallest tree to compete with the boys in the neighborhood I fell on my face & opened my chin or when my sister and I took the bicycle and crushed into a parked car and were immediately rushed to the hospital my dad fainted in the OR! Yes, my dad, my tough dad, my police general dad fainted watching his daughter in the OR.

So now, I don’t ride bicycles as much but I do own a sport’s bike (that my dad doesnt approve of) I don’t climb trees, but I do like climbing mountains and bungee jumping.

I am stronger and I keep learning as I go along. So for all of you dads out there, I can imagine how scary it must be to let go ,but trust the way you raised your children and enjoy watching them grow, one decision at a time.

To Dads!


Posted by: Noa | June 19, 2010

So you wanna be famous..

Where in the world is NOA?

For those of you who were wondering where in the world is NOA? I will say: ‘I’m here’, wearing my many hats, enjoying every creative and business avenue life has to offer! We are getting ready to launch the new album, release the first single, shoot the first video, rehearse for the concert with one of my favorite American Idol’s musicians, finish the last few editing tweaks on my NEW TV pilot before submitting it to production and start rehearsing for the world tour. Exciting, right? right. demanding, right? you bet ya!!

As the tasks grow so does my team. I feel so lucky to have these incredible people in my life. Not only are they amazing in what they do, but more importantly they ARE amazing people! I’m blessed and truly grateful for where I’m at in my life and I’m eager for more.

Now I understand what people mean when they say “its about the journey, not the destination”… I will add to that and say “It’s about both.” why? because when you have reached ‘A’ destination you can then start another journey towards another wonderful destination.

So for those of you who ask “where in the world is Noa” I’d say, I’m on a wonderful creative journey to one of my many destinations. …and for those of you who read Hebrew and ask “where in the world is Noa?” well, here’s the latest Article that pretty much sums it up.

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Only Love,


Posted by: Noa | June 4, 2010

Gracias a la vida

Some seasons we are busy planting seeds and in some we get to watch them grow.

I love watching my little seeds of creativity grow into beautiful flowers. It makes it all worth while!  All those sleepless nights of recording,writing,re-writing, researching, traveling and re-connecting are worth every second. I am an artist, have always been and will always be one. My goal is simple, it is to inspire and be inspired.

This is a wonderful season of  watching these seeds grow. From my new TV pilot to securing a creative branding deal to a new album ,a new live show, a summer tour, 2 new bands. How exciting!. Now that doesn’t mean I get to ‘rest’ but I do feel this internal joy and gratitude that keep me going.

Mom & dad,

If you don’t see me on ‘skype’ that doesn’t mean something is wrong,

it just means I am busy ‘planting seeds’. I love you .

Gracias a la vida,


Posted by: Noa | May 30, 2010

When To Let Go

I’ve been struggling with this one for quiet some time now. You know this feeling when you are in a relationship, any relationship, personal or business alike, and you have this little voice in your head telling you it’s time to let go? Either you don’t get the attention you’ve hoped for , you feel that the other person is too busy with other projects /things that always seem to take priority, maybe the other person is an over promise under deliver kinda guy…the usual, right? and yet…you still hold on, you still hope that maybe, just maybe, he will come around and things will turn the way you want them to. I know some say that timing is a big part of any successful relationship.I must say I partly agree with it. I think many use it as an excuse to avoid responsibility more than anything. What usually seems to help me is going in the studio, write a song about it and hope to find my answer in the process. This time, however, is different. 4 months and 2 songs later and I’m still looking for the answer. maybe I’m waiting for my ‘partner in crime’ to realize the incredible potential I see in them and hope that they’ll finally rise to the occasion, or maybe it has to do with me being a ‘typical’ Leo,  so giving up is never an option!…Soooo many songs have been written about this theme, like my personal favorite  ‘Gravity’ by Sara Bareilles. My aunt always says ” three strikes you’re out”….a bit too cut throat when it comes to the matters of the heart, I believe.

I am praying to be pleasantly surprised and for my fragile strength (or my ‘superwoman’ power, as my friend likes to call it,) to guide me in the process and lead me to wherever it is that I need to be.

Only Love,


Posted by: Noa | May 22, 2010

Lessons in Life

Lesson numero 1- Hear others but listen to yourself!

I think, in fact let me take it back, I KNOW that WE KNOW more than we ‘think’ we know if only we start listening to our ‘gut’.

If it doesn’t ‘feel’ right its probably because it aint right. I mean, so many times you read interviews with this or that mogul and  rarely do they go ‘yes, hmmm…I followed his advise and thats how…’ yet you do hear “I don’t know man i knew something was there so i just went with it”.

most of the time people don’t know how to explain ‘it’ and that’s ok. listen to ‘IT’ cuz ‘IT’ might be the real thing.

Posted by: Noa | May 19, 2010

moving forward

Sometimes we’re so busy with wanting to move forward that we forget to take a moment and ‘smell the roses’, take a moment and be grateful for everything that has led us here. like the $50 in my pocket and 2 suitcases of shoes and music scores that got me here in the first place. Today I would like to share how grateful I am for my parents who’ve always wished I’d end up being a lawyer or a doctor (like my sister), I’m grateful for having legs to walk and dance with,hands to type this blog, to try and get those bar chords on the guitar,or attempt to play my songs on the piano. I’m so grateful for having tremendous passion and creativity, enough energy to play with my little toy poodle, a pair of ears to be able to sing on key, a pair of eyes to be able to really look into someone’s soul, a voice to share with the world, a kind heart (most of the time) to be forgiving and knowing when to ‘let go’. I’m grateful for having loyal fans and loyal friends who make this wonderful journey even more wonderful. I’m grateful for my beautiful, supportive team who are very involved in every crazy idea I come up with (and I have alllllooooot). I’m grateful for my consultant/management , my co-pilot, who respects my ideas and visions ,who knows how to handle a passionate crazy israeli artist such as moi, and always reminding me to check my ego at the door, haa! I’m grateful for knowing allot but not everything, I’m grateful for every moment I get to be on this planet earth and for every moment I get a chance to inspire and be inspired.

Love and Health to all!


Posted by: Noa | May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day Bike Trip

Mother’s Day has turned out to be an amazing wknd! My friends and I have decided to spend our wknd together and so with 2 cars and 2 bikes (FJR 1300 and Kawasaki 500) we began making our way to the North Coast. We stopped for a guided tour at ‘Hearst Castle’, picked up some oranges for the road and continued our ride, passing by amazing little towns like Big Sur and Caramel. We spent the night in cute hotel in Monterey, woke up the following morning for some morning coffee and a cruise on the beach of Carmel By The Sea. 2 speeding tickets and one minor bike drop later we started making our way back home. 9 hours of bike ride through gusty winds and pouring rain (Yes, rain!) didn’t seem to bother my little Kawasaki, which proved to be a mean little machine. Here’s to great friends, amazing bike rides, natural beauty….To Life!